One Call. One Rate. Any Project, Repair, or Care.



Concierge Home Services is a simple, membership-based service.

"We know homes. Our experience and expertise helps us to see things many homeowners cannot. Our members know we are always here for them — to help them protect and care for their investment."

— Harry Braswell, President, LEED AP

Have you ever asked a friend, “Do you know of a reliable contractor who is both affordable and trustworthy to do this small project around my house? I can’t find anyone who is interested in doing it.”

We realize how frustrating AND common this situation is, which is why we started Concierge Home Services. Concierge Home Services is a simple, membership-based service. As a new member, you will receive a whole-house photographic inventory of your home’s structure and systems, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical and roof systems, and a service plan priced and tailored to your home’s needs. Membership fees are $150 the first year, and $25 annually thereafter. Once you are a member, call us, and we’ll be there. It’s simple -- $75 per hour for one of our extremely qualified handymen, and a 20% charge on materials and subcontractors. That’s it.

Carpentry, plumbing, exteriors, HVAC, electrical, maintenance and even snow removal… we do it all. In fact, it is our policy to always find an answer or solution for you. If we can’t take care of the project in-house, we can tap into our extensive network of subcontractors and vendors to find a solution.

As a division of Harry Braswell, Inc., we have the resources of a large construction company and the reputation for excellence and trust that comes with more than 30 years in the business.


Our handymen are true craftsmen, and always cost just $75 per hour.



Electrical & HVAC

We make it a priority to find a solution to every problem our member homeowners encounter. We leverage expertise across many disciplines and a vast network of trusted subcontractors and suppliers. If you're not happy with the finished product, we'll always work with you to make it right.

Our members receive preferential rates for signing up. We bill for our talented group of craftsmen at a standard rate of $75 per hour for most handyman services. If we need to bring in a subcontractor or purchase materials, we bill an industry-standard 20% charge on each.


Every three months, we perform a specified set of routine maintenance services at a scheduled visit.
Plans start at $125 per quarter, plus materials, depending on the size of your home.

Quarterly Services

Every three months
  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Change HVAC filters
  • Replace burned out bulbs
  • Check railings/grab bars for loose screws
  • Clear exterior area drains of debris
  • General safety and security inspection
  • Visual inspection of exhaust venting systems
  • Visual inspection of ceiling/walls for moisture/rot

Semi-Annual Services

Every six months
  • All quarterly services
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils
  • Inspect/test sump pump
  • Inspect laundry hook-ups
  • Turn hose bib shut-offs on/off

Annual Services

Every 12 months
  • All quarterly and semi-annual services
  • Flush water heater
  • Inspect/clean dryer vent
  • Change batteries in smoke/CO detectors
  • Inspect pilot lights for gas appliances
  • Inspect caulking - tubs/showers and kitchen countertops

Our Team

Nathan Reich
Nathan Reich
Manager, Concierge Services
Nate is the Manager of Concierge Home Services. He worked in education before pursuing his passion for home improvements. His goal is to ensure our members experience exceptional handyman service. Nate earned a BA from Alvernia College and an MA from Virginia Tech.
Tim Glitzner
Tim Glitzner
Production Manager
Tim manages field operations for Concierge Home Services. He has worked with Harry Braswell, Inc. for nearly 20 years, and is one of our most senior and experienced superintendents. A jack of all trades, Tim loves solving problems, and has a reputation for getting clients across the finish line!
Kim Carr
Kim Carr
Assistant Project Manager
Kim helps manage the office operations of Concierge Home Services. She has worked with Harry Braswell Inc for nearly a decade, and is our in-house expert on green construction. A graduate of William & Mary, Kim brings a wealth of both residential and commercial construction knowledge to the team.
Ritchie Dagg
Ritchie Dagg
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado
Jose Guerrero
Jose Guerrero
Drew Riggs
Drew Riggs
Miguel Miranda
Miguel Miranda
Drywall/Plaster Tech