October 23, 2015


Do I need to be a member?

Yes.  We are dedicated to the long-term care and maintenance of our members’ homes, and believe that it is in everyone’s interest that our clients have a long-term partnership with us. Think about it.  Isn’t it a great feeling finally finding that one car repair shop that you know will never price gouge you and will always get the work done the right way?  Not only that, but we will make good on any problems you encounter when the work is done.  There’s no risk that you will have trouble getting someone to come back to fix things, because we’ll be one phone call away.


Why a membership fee?

The initial membership fee covers the cost of our coming out to your home to perform your whole-house assessment. We will take photos and notes about all of your home systems (walls, roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc) and make ourselves experts in the specific needs of your home. Your annual membership fee gets you in the door, and from there you have immediate access to the best experts and subcontractors at an extremely competitive rate!


How much does it cost?

All of our rates are extremely competitive. Each of the services we offer has their own separate cost structures:

  • Handyman services are billed at $75 per hour. If we need to bring in a subcontractor or purchase materials, we bill an industry-standard 20% charge on each.
  • Preventative Home Maintenance plans start at $125 per quarter.
  • Snow removal starts at about $25 per visit, but depends on the depth of snow and surface area of your driveway/walkways. For more detailed pricing, contact us at Concierge@HarryBraswell.com.


How do I pay?

Billing is all automated and simple. All we need is your billing information and you’ll almost never need to worry about payment. We’re your concierge – just think of it as billing your costs to the room! After every service, we’ll make sure you get a copy of your receipt emailed or sent to you soon thereafter. If you’d prefer to pay by check, that’s fine too!